Spring 2012 Comp Awards

Congratulations to our worthy award recipients.

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Final Senior Spring Comp 2012 – 4 December

Pythons - winner of Spring 2012 competition

Pythons – winner of Spring 2012 competition

The winner of the Senior Autumn 2012 competion is Pythons after winning the final game against Fighting Ibis by the score of 5-3.

Fighting Ibis players were determined to have their team name engraved on the trophy for the first time. On the other hand, Pythons were also determined not to loose a final game twice in the row. It started well for Fighting Ibis when Adam Turner opened the score early in the first period. Mid-way through first period, Josh Hope equalised for Pythons and took the lead straight after restart with a goal from Gareth Watson. A goal from Mitchel Fiddock before the end of the first period kept Fighting Ibis in the game. The end of the second period saw both team again on equal term following goals from Yannick Sottaz (Pythons) and Mitchel Fiddock.

The third period was going to be a thriller with both team still having equal chances to win the game. At the end, Gareth Watson scored twice to complete his second hat-trick in this final round and win the game for Pythons.

Fighting Ibis
Scorer: Mitchel Fiddock(2), Adam Turner
Scorer: Gareth Watson(3), Josh Hope,
Yannick Sottaz

Final Junior Spring Comp 2012 – 4 December

Lightning - Winners of Spring 2012 competition

Lightning – Winners of Spring 2012 competition

The champion of our first junior competition is Lightning who defeated Storm by the score of 4-3.

Lightning had a great start and scored couple of goals early in the game. In the second period, Lightning continue to play well and were defending well against some determined Storm players. The third period kept everyone on edge with Storm reducing the score to 4-3. The last few minutes saw both team attacking and creating scoring chance. At the end, Lightning managed to keep their small advantage and win this exciting game.

Every players are to be commended for playing a great and exciting game in front of many proud parents.

Scorer: Alec Morison, Miguel  Cullen-Green,
Kurtis Gibson
Scorer: Thomas Laznik(3), Andrew Laznig

The presentation of the trophee to the winning team took place straight after the game. Tanya Watson, the junior coordinator, also presented the top scorer/pointer award to Noah Jovanovic for achieving 44 points during the competition (41 goals and 3 assists). Every players also received a certificate of participation we hope will remind them of this first ever floorball competition. Pizza and drinks concluded the evening.

Peninsula Floorball Club thanks all participants and parents for their commitment to the sport of Floorball and our Club. We hope to see you back on 15th January 2013 for our autumn competion and in the meantime we wish you a merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Daniel Sottaz
President PFC

Semi-Final Junior – 27 November

The finalist have been decided.  Storm and Lightning have qualified to play next week’s Final game.

For a bit of fun,  all junior players are invited to participate in a penalty shoot-out competition which will be held from 5pm to 5.30pm, before the final game.

The Final game will be played at 5:45pm followed by the presentation of the trophee and medals and of course we will have Pizza and drinks.

Hope to see you all there.

Scorer: Alec Morison
Scorer: Tom Morgan
Scorer: Noah Jovanovic (2)
Scorer: Thomas Laznik(3), Madison Bowland

Semi-Finals 2 Senior – 27 November

The second Semi-final games was played tonight between Patriots and Pythons for a place in next week’s Final.

Pythons took the lead early in the game with a goal from Dieter Runge followed by a second from Gareth Watson. Andrew Gray scored for Patriots before the end of the first period.  Gareth scored again in the second  period and the third period with two great long distance shots.

Both team played well and with great intensity. The final score did not reflect how close the game was.


Scorer: Andrew Gray
Scorer: Gareth Watson(3), Dieter Runger

Semi-Finals 1 Senior – 20 November

First Semi-final games played tonight.

Fighting Ibis and Patriots played for a place in the final. The game was intense with chances on both side and the result still tight at 2 all with less than 2 minutes play. A late goal from Mitch Fiddock secured a place in the final for Fighting Ibis.

Patriots will have a second chance to reach the final next week by playing Pythons who had a strong win against Scorpions. The game was played in good spirit with good passing from both teams. Sarah E. and Josh H. scored a hat-trick for Pythons.

Fighting Ibis
Scorer: Eathen Harwood, Jeff Tomlin
Mitch Fiddock
Scorer: Nicholas Watterson(2)
Scorer: Sarah Engelbrecht(3), Josh Hope(3)
Daniel Sottaz

Week 13 Junior – 20 November

This week was the last night of normal competition with the final rounds starting next week.

The semi-finals game are decided based on the table position after normal comp.

The first game will see Storm (1st) playing Whirl Winds (4th).

The second game will see Tornadoes (2nd) playing Lightning (3rd).

Winners of semi-final games will play the Final game on 4th December, which will decide the champion of our first ever Junior Competition. The presentation will be held after the Final game and of course we will have Pizza and drinks. Hope to see you all there.

Please check out the schedule for the next couple of weeks.

Whirl Winds
Scorer: Tom Morgan(3), Reece Wallace(2)
Liam Connors
Scorer: Brayth Cromer
Scorer: Alec Morison(6), Reece Wallace(2)
Scorer: Thomas Laznik(2), Andrew Laznik

Week 15 Senior – 13 November

Fighting Ibis
Scorer: Dan Fiddock(3), Eathen Harwood(2)
James Archibald(2)
Scorer: Sarah Engelbrecht(2), Dieter Runge,
Daniel Sottaz
You’re My Boy Blue
Scorer: Brock Prickering
Scorer: Alan Clay(2), Ross Cowell

Week 12 Junior – 13 November

Scorer: Alec Morison(3), Kurtis Gibson
Miguel Cullen-Green(2)
Whirl Winds
Scorer: Tom Morgan
Scorer: Noah Jovanovic(7), Austin Jovanovic(4)
Blair Dawson(2), Emma Brandham
Scorer: Reis Sigsworth(4), Lachlan Russell(3)

Week 14 Senior – 6 November

You’re My Boy Blue
Scorer: Amanda Bartrim, Barry Simpson
Josh VanderNeut
Scorer: Josh Hope(2), Gareth Watson(2)
Daniel Sottaz
Scorer: Andrew Gray, Daniel Casperson
Fighting Ibis
Scorer: Eathen Harwood(2), Daniel Fiddock(2),
Mitch Fiddock