Week 9 / NSW Comp 2011/2012

Week 9 – 3rd March – NSW Competition 2011/2012

Northern Beaches lined up two very strong teams on the day, resulting in our Elite and Mixed team having to defend and to rely on the counter attack. Beside their best effort, the opposition was too strong. Goals in the mixed game were scored by Mitch Fiddock and Liam Kendrick.

Date Round Time Home Away Score
03.03.2012 2 15:45 Northern Beaches Peninsula FC 11-0
2 11:15 Beach Worms (mixed) Peninsula FC (mixed) 8-2

Week 8 / NSW Comp 11/12

Week 8 – 18th February – NSW Competition 2011/2012

The day started well with the mixed team winning their game which was played with good intensity and good sportsmanship. The team enjoyed a 2 goals lead before Glebe managed to equalised. In the last period we took the lead and maintained the advantage to the end. A good performance and a deserved result. Goals were scored by Damien Hansen(2) and Josh Brown.

The men’s elite team lost by a fair margin but the score did not reflect the way the game was played. We had many chances to score but the opposite team showed their experience in scoring most of the opportunities that presented to them. By the end of the second period the score was 5-0 their way. In the final period, our players started to tire and again Glebe took advantage of the situation. Goal scored by Yannick Sottaz.

Date Round Time Home Away Score
18.02.2012 2 14:15 Peninsula FC Glebe FC 1-10
2 09:45 Peninsula FC (mixed) Glebe Mixed FC 3-2

Week 7 / NSW Comp 11/12

Week 7 – 4th February – NSW Competition 2011/2012

The bad form experienced from the beginning of the year continues. Newcastle started the game very strong and were leading by six goals after the first period. Second period saw an improvement in the defensive structure with our team conceeding only one goal. Newcastle continued to attack and were rewarded with more goals in the last period.

The mixed team also struggled with their defensive structure and offering Vipers too many opportunities to score. The only goal on the day was scored by Yannick Sottaz.

Date Round Time Home Away Score
04.02.2012 2 09:45 Peninsula FC Newcastle 0-12
2 14:15 Peninsula FC (mixed) Vipers 1-7

Week 6 / NSW Comp 11/12

Week 6 – 21 January – NSW Competition 2011/2012

This week was the start of round 2 and we faced Bondi for the second time in this comp.

Bondi was clearly the better team on the day against both our men’s team and mixed team. Bondi demonstrated great skills and good collective play and strong defence. The only goal on the day was scored by Damien Hansen.

Date Round Time Home Away Score
21.01.2012 2 11:15 Peninsula FC Bondi Raptors 0-9
2 15:45 Peninsula FC (mixed) Bondi Raptors (mixed) 1-6

Week 5 / NSW Comp 11/12

Week 5 – 7 January – NSW Competition 2011/2012

Not such a good start for 2012. Both our Men’s team and Mixed team lost to Wollongong when realisticly, by playing as we did against stronger team would have resulted in a positive outcome. Hopefully an experience for the future.

The men’s team was winning 4-1 in the first half of the game and for some unknown reason lost their will to fight for the ball. Suddenly, Wollongong was winning all duels for the ball with painfull consequences. A hard lesson to learn. On the positive site, young Liam made a great contribution in his debut with couple of goals and one assist, well done.
Scorers were Yannick Sottaz(2), Liam Kendrick, Damien Hansen.

Our mixed team on the other hand was on the back foot from the start and not able to perform to the standard achieved in the past week. Our scorers were Damien Hansen, Liam Kendrick.

Date Round Time Home Away Score
7.1.2012 1 8:15 Wollongong Peninsula FC 5-4
7.1.2012 1 12:45 Wollongong Mixed Peninsula Mixed FC 4-2

Week 4 / NSW Comp 11/12

Week 4 – 17 December – NSW Competition 2011/2012

Our men’s team came so close to their first victory. Against Northern Beaches, our players had a tremendous game creating many chances and scoring some great goals with Yannick Sottaz having a fantastic game, scoring 4 and providing 2 assists. Our defence and goal keeper played very well against some very experienced players.
But things can change very quickly in this sport. Our team was winning 7-4 with only 3 minutes remaining on the clock but within two minutes Northern Beaches applied tremendous pressure and manage to score three quick goals. Of course the team left the court disappointed being so close to their first winning game. But it only took a few words from the coach to realise that drawing against such team was still a great result. Well done to our players….your commitment is making our club proud. Scorers were Yannick Sottaz(4), Alan Clay, Lachlan Clay, Tim Christie.

Our mixed team had to share points as well against Beach Worms. We had several scoring opportunities in the first period but were not able to score. By the middle of the second period, we were leading 2-0 but from that point, we lost a bit of structure in our game and allowed our opponent opportunities to score. Early in the third period, Beach Worms scored their equaliser but we remained strong and managed to earn a point. Our scorers were Daniel Sottaz, Andrew Clay.

Date Round Time Home Away Score
17.12.2011 1 14:15 Peninsula FC Northern Beaches 7-7
1 09:45 Peninsula Mixed FC Beach Worms 2-2

Week 3 – NSW Comp 11/12

Week 3 – 26 November – NSW Competition 2011/2012

An other tough opponent and an other disappointing result for our mens elite team. This week we played Glebe FC, last year NSW Champions. But nothing to be ashamed of in this game as our team followed the coach game’s plan which resulted in scoring five goals against the team that reached this year Australian Floorball open semi-finals. Despite the loss, our coach, Daniel Clay, could not be any happier with the team’s performance. We are still learning but we are learning fast….Our scorers were Tim Christie(2), Josh VanderNeut, Mitch Fiddock, Yannick Sottaz.

Our mixed team did not have such a good day. Our defensive play was not good enough on the day and Glebe took advantage of any opportunities given to them close to goal. We know we can play better…and next round is the opportunity to demonstrate it. Our scorers were Roxane Behrens, Josh Brown(2), Andrew Clay.

Date Round Time Home Away Score
26.11.2011 1 14:15 Glebe FC Peninsula FC 8-5
1 09:45 Glebe Mixed FC Peninsula FC (mixed) 10-4

Week 2 – NSW Comp 11/12

Week 2 – 12 November – NSW Competition 2011/2012

This week, our men’s elite team played Newcastle, one of the strongest team of the competition. Their attacking line is made of fast and very experienced players. The game plan was to include Josh and Yannick in defence and use their speed to neutralise Newcastle’s forward line. All players worked very hard during the whole game and created good scoring opportunities on the counter attack. Despite the loss, a lot of positive has come out of this game, the main point being that we have a competitive team capable of challenging the best in the comp. Well done indeed. Our scorers were Josh Vanderneut (2), Andrew Clay and Lachlan Clay.

Our mixed team also faced the best mixed team, Vipers, which is the NSW female team. Three Vipers players have been selected to represent Australia in next year’s World Championship in Switzerland. Peninsula FC had a slow start, probably being surprised by the intensity of the opposition and conceded 3 goals in the first period. Second and third period saw Peninsula Mixed FC reacting well to the situation and closing the gap. Chances were there to equalise but could not be converted. Disappointing result but a good performance overall. Our scorers were Tim Christie and Yannick Sottaz.

Date Round Time Home Away Score
12.11.2011 1 15:45 Newcastle Peninsula FC 6-4
1 11:15 Vipers (mixed) Peninsula FC (mixed) 4-2

Week 1 – NSW Comp 11/12

Week 1 – 29 October – NSW Competition 2011/2012

For many, this was their first game at elite level … the first competition our Club has officially entered a team.

Our men’s elite narrowly lost against Bondi FC, 6-7…..The odds were not in our favour….with Daniel Clay, our best player, having to retire within the first minute following a knee injury. We wish Daniel a speedy recovery. Regardless, our young players gave it 100% with special mention to Josh Brown who played fantasticly by scored three goals. Peninsula FC was leading 4-3 but in a matter of minutes Bondi reversed the situation by scoring four goals. Showing great spirit, Peninsula FC reduced the gap to 7-6 with three minutes left on the clock. Unfortunately for us, we could not find an equaliser.

Regardless of the loss, it is great to see that we have enough talent in our team to challenge more experienced team. It can only get better.

Our mixed team had a hard fought win, 2-0 over Bondi Mixed. The match was a close encounter which was decided in the second period when Lachlan Clay and Andrew Clay scored for Peninsula FC. Our defence was solid and Jon Marks played well as he did in the mens game. Jon showed plenty of confidence in his debut at this competition level. Well done.

Date Round Time Home Away Score
29.10.2011 1 11:15 Bondi Raptors Peninsula FC 7-6
1 15:45 Bondi Raptors (mixed) Peninsula FC (mixed) 0-2

Stats – NSW Comp 11/12

Standing as of 3rd March.

Rank Team Game Win Draw Loss Goal Diff Points
. Elite 9 0 1 8 -48 (27-75) 1
. Mixed 9 2 1 6 -24 (19-43) 7


Rank Team Player Games Goals Assists Points
1 Elite Yannick Sottaz 8 8 8 16
2 Elite Josh Brown 7 3 5 8
3 Elite Josh Van Der Neut 6 4 0 4
4 Elite Tim Christie 5 3 1 4
5 Elite Lachlan Clay 9 3 0 3
6 Elite Damien Hansen 6 2 0 2
7 Elite Liam Kendrick 4 1 1 2
8 Elite Jakob Lackenby 7 0 2 2
9 Elite Andrew Clay 9 1 0 1
10 Elite Alan Clay 7 1 0 1
11 Elite Mitch Fiddock 3 1 0 1
12 Elite Chris Lawrence 3 0 1 1
13 Elite Jon Marks (GK) 9 0 0 0
14 Elite John Jay 6 0 0 0
15 Elite Ryan White 2 0 0 0
16 Elite Chris Walsh 1 0 0 0
17 Elite Daniel Clay 1 0 0 0
18 Elite Rowan Parkinson 1 0 0 0


Rank Team Player Games Goals Assists Points
1 Mixed Damien Hansen 6 4 1 5
2 Mixed Andrew Clay 8 3 2 5
3 Mixed Yannick Sottaz 8 2 3 5
4 Mixed Josh Brown 7 3 1 4
5 Mixed Liam Kendrick 4 2 0 2
6 Mixed Lachlan Clay 9 1 1 2
7 Mixed Daniel Sottaz 7 1 1 2
8 Mixed Roxanne Behrens 4 1 1 2
9 Mixed Mitch Fiddock 3 1 1 2
10 Mixed Tim Christie 6 1 0 1
11 Mixed Chris Lawrence 3 0 1 1
12 Mixed Chris Walsh 1 0 1 1
13 Mixed Ryan White 1 0 1 1
14 Mixed Jon Marks (GK) 9 0 0 0
15 Mixed Belinda Terlato 7 0 0 0
16 Mixed John Jay 6 0 0 0
17 Mixed Alan Clay 4 0 0 0
18 Mixed Em Blamey 3 0 0 0
19 Mixed Josh Cottam 3 0 0 0
20 Mixed Josh Van Der Neut 1 0 0 0
21 Mixed Rowan Parkinson 1 0 0 0