Finals Results – Summer 2017 Competition

Congratulations to our Champions of the Summer 2017 Competition:

Juniors: Tornadoes       Intermediates: Whirlwinds           Youths: Lightning
Seniors: Sharks

Juniors Storm
Scorer: Toby Cridland(3), Jake Young(2)
Alec Byrnes
Assist: Toby Cridland(2), Alec Burnes
Scorer:Ollie Tart(5), Nate Engelbrecht(4),
Tegan Walsh
Assist:Alec Simmonds, Ollie Tart,
Nate Engelbrecht
Intermediates Whirlwinds
Scorer: Patrick Matters(5), Ethan Beer(4),
Kye Stormont, Joshua Dearing,
Assist: Patrick Matters(2), Sylvie Pringle,
Jacob Hunt
Scorer: Xavier Roy(6), Bradley Wilcockson(2),
Corey Hubbard
Assist: Bradley Wilcockson(3), Xavier Roy
Youths Storm
Scorer: Regan O’Brien, Jimmy Steel
Assist: Xanthea Phillips
Scorer: Jacques Engelbrecht, Dominic Hall,
Reece Carlyle
Assist: Aleena Long
Seniors Sharks
Scorer: Jordan Boyd(3), Hayden Boyd(3),
Kye Hibbard(2), Cassidy Gallagher, Lloyd Radcliff
Assist: Jordan Boyd(2), Hayden Boyd(2),
Kye Hibbard(2), Cassidy Gallagher, Lloyd Radcliff
Blue Fins
Scorer: Thomas Laznik(3)
Assist: Cameron Austin, Andrew Laznik

What a great night to complete this Summer competition 2017. Many thanks to all participants, organisers and supporters who made the night very special and fun.

We congratulate the following players for receiving AWARDS.

Junior Highest Points Scorer :                Toby Cridland 78 goals + 12 assists

Intermediates Highest Points Scorer :  Ethan Beer  48 goals + 14 assists

Youth Highest Points Scorer :                Joshua McAskill 41 goals + 11 assists

Seniors Highest Points Scorer :         Jordan Boyd 32 goals + 11 assists


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