Junior Comp – Schedule – Summer 2017

Schedule – JUNIOR Summer 2017 Competition (August-December)

Date Round Time Team Team Score
8-Aug Week1 R1
Cages 4:30pm Tornadoes Storm  8-7
Centre 4:30pm Cyclones Hurricanes  5-6
Window 4:30pm Lightning Whirlwinds  10-4
15-Aug Week2 R1
Cages 4:30pm Whirlwinds Storm  5-17
Centre 4:30pm Hurricanes Lightning  12-3
Window 4:30pm Cyclones Tornadoes  4-7
22-Aug Week3 R1
Cages 4:30pm Lightning Storm  2-14
Centre 4:30pm Cyclones Whirlwinds  9-2
Window 4:30pm Hurricanes Tornadoes  9-7
29-Aug Week4 R1
Cages 4:30pm Hurricanes Whirlwinds  15-7
Centre 4:30pm Storm Cyclones  16-2
Window 4:30pm Lightning Tornadoes  4-7
5-Sep Week5 R1
Cages 4:30pm Cyclones Lightning  9-6
Centre 4:30pm Whirlwinds Tornadoes  8-9
Window 4:30pm Hurricanes Storm  5-20
12-Sep Week6 R2
Cages 4:30pm Lightning Whirlwinds  5-10
Centre 4:30pm Tornadoes Storm  7-8
Window 4:30pm Cyclones Hurricanes  7-6
19-Sep Week7 R2
Cages 4:30pm Cyclones Tornadoes  1-13
Centre 4:30pm Whirlwinds Storm  10-12
Window 4:30pm Hurricanes Lightning  8-3
26-Sep Week8 R2 School Holidays
Cages 4:30pm Hurricanes Tornadoes  3-13^
Centre 4:30pm Lightning Storm  8-16
Window 4:30pm Cyclones Whirlwinds  2-8
3-Oct Week9 R2 School Holidays
Cages 4:30pm Lightning Tornadoes  0-3*
Centre 4:30pm Hurricanes Whirlwinds  8-6
Window 4:30pm Storm Cyclones  13-4
10-Oct Week10 R2
Cages 4:30pm Hurricanes Storm  4-14
Centre 4:30pm Cyclones Lightning  9-3
Window 4:30pm Whirlwinds Tornadoes  4-12
17-Oct Week11 R3
Cages 4:30pm Cyclones Hurricanes  3-10
Centre 4:30pm Lightning Whirlwinds  7-6
Window 4:30pm Tornadoes Storm  9-8
24-Oct Week12 R3
Cages 4:30pm Hurricanes Lightning  4-6
Centre 4:30pm Cyclones Tornadoes  2-11
Window 4:30pm Whirlwinds Storm  6-10
31-Oct Week13 R3
Cages 4:30pm Cyclones Whirlwinds  7-7
Centre 4:30pm Hurricanes Tornadoes  1-8
Window 4:30pm Lightning Storm  6-10
7-Nov Week14 R3
Cages 4:30pm Storm Cyclones  11-2
Centre 4:30pm Lightning Tornadoes  2-9
Window 4:30pm Hurricanes Whirlwinds  7-8
14-Nov Week15 R3
Cages 4:30pm Whirlwinds Tornadoes  8-10
Centre 4:30pm Hurricanes Storm  1-14
Window 4:30pm Cyclones Lightning  5-1
21-Nov Semi-Final
Window 4:30pm Storm Cyclones  9-2
Cages 4:30pm Tornadoes Hurricanes  11-9
28-Nov Grand-Final
Juniors Window 4:30-5:30pm Storm Tornadoes 6-10

^ due to a transcription error, score was noted as 3-3. Correction done on 17/11/2017. Correct score was 3-13.
* Forfeit game – Lightning did not have enough players


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