Finals Results – Spring 2013 Competition

Congratulations to our Champions of the Spring 2013 Competition:

Juniors: Lightning                 Intermediates: Storm               Seniors: Fighting Ibis

Results of the Finals Game

Juniors Lightning
Jake Williams(2), Regan O’Brian
Meika Hendry, Archie Rayner
Jake Williams, Jye Hughes,
Seth Lovett
Luke Chand, Alex Hamilton,
Jack Morrison
Isabelle Hamilton, Dylan Ryan,
Alex Carlyle
Intermediates Lightning
Madison Boland, Brae Verheyen,
Emma Brandham, Andrew Laznik
Madison Boland(2)
Alec Morison(2), Kurtis Gibson(2),
Miguel Cullen-Green
Alec Morison(2), Miguel Cullen-Green(2),
Alex Tuthill
Seniors Fighting Ibis
Daniel Fiddock(3), Mitch Fiddock(2)
Daniel Fiddock, Mitch Fiddock,
Cameron Veacock, Chris Lawrence,
James Archibald
Nic Watterson, Blain Vandersteen
Nic Watterson, Rosie Burtenshaw

Game results Grand final
It was a great night for all teams and spectators with almost capacity crowds in the Peninsula Leisure Centre for all the games which comprised of friends, families, fellow players and dignitaries from NSW Floorball Association and Australian Sport Commission followed up by presentation and Pizzas.

Lightning def Tornadoes
It was a great game, the best of the season for skill and team work.
Both side battled hard but Lighting took the lead early and the Tornadoes could never quite reduce the margin.

Storm def Lighting 5-4
This game had it all great passing, great goals, great saves and to top it off one of the best comebacks of all time. The players and spectators will be telling their grandchildren about what they saw on Tuesday 3rd Decmber 2013. Telling them how this comeback was up there with the best of them – with Michael Bevan’s last ball heroic boundary against the Windies, Australia II winning the Americas cup 4-3 from 3-1 down (against a team who had won it for the last 132years) and Queensland’s Miracle Try in Origin.
The Storm were down and out, losing 4-2 to the team who has beaten them in the past two grand finals and with only 10mins to play. All it needed was 1 goal to spark the team and Curtis delivered. This lead to another goal with only 2mins to play and to set the scene for Alec to put the winning goal away for the storm with only 1.5sec to play and secure the Storm’s first ever title.

Fightin’ Ibis def Patriots 6-2
The score line didn’t not reflect the calibre of the match. There was nothing between the teams through the first 2 periods and Patriots showed why they deserved to be in their 1st grand final.
Fightin’ Ibis started off proceedings with Patriots, through Blain, equalising only seconds later. Fightin Ibis were up 3-2 at the end of the 2nd period when Daniel Fiddock went on a rampage picking up 2 goals in the same amount of minutes with great assistance from the other forwards (A. Turner, A. Smith, C. Veacock). The Patriots kept coming, with Captain N. Watterson and partner in crime R. Doyle, at the Ibis but were shut down by great defence from C. Lawrence, J. Jay, J. Archibald, A. O’connor (who even picked up a goal herself!) and rock wall in goals J. Marks. Fightin’ Ibis went on to take out the match and make it two titles in a row.

I would like to finish by thanking all those who organised and helped out on the night. Without them we would not have a club to be a part of.


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