Final Senior Spring Comp 2012 – 4 December

Pythons - winner of Spring 2012 competition

Pythons – winner of Spring 2012 competition

The winner of the Senior Autumn 2012 competion is Pythons after winning the final game against Fighting Ibis by the score of 5-3.

Fighting Ibis players were determined to have their team name engraved on the trophy for the first time. On the other hand, Pythons were also determined not to loose a final game twice in the row. It started well for Fighting Ibis when Adam Turner opened the score early in the first period. Mid-way through first period, Josh Hope equalised for Pythons and took the lead straight after restart with a goal from Gareth Watson. A goal from Mitchel Fiddock before the end of the first period kept Fighting Ibis in the game. The end of the second period saw both team again on equal term following goals from Yannick Sottaz (Pythons) and Mitchel Fiddock.

The third period was going to be a thriller with both team still having equal chances to win the game. At the end, Gareth Watson scored twice to complete his second hat-trick in this final round and win the game for Pythons.

Fighting Ibis
Scorer: Mitchel Fiddock(2), Adam Turner
Scorer: Gareth Watson(3), Josh Hope,
Yannick Sottaz

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