Week 13 Junior – 20 November

This week was the last night of normal competition with the final rounds starting next week.

The semi-finals game are decided based on the table position after normal comp.

The first game will see Storm (1st) playing Whirl Winds (4th).

The second game will see Tornadoes (2nd) playing Lightning (3rd).

Winners of semi-final games will play the Final game on 4th December, which will decide the champion of our first ever Junior Competition. The presentation will be held after the Final game and of course we will have Pizza and drinks. Hope to see you all there.

Please check out the schedule for the next couple of weeks.

Whirl Winds
Scorer: Tom Morgan(3), Reece Wallace(2)
Liam Connors
Scorer: Brayth Cromer
Scorer: Alec Morison(6), Reece Wallace(2)
Scorer: Thomas Laznik(2), Andrew Laznik

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