Current Comp Junior – Schedule – Spring 2012

Schedule – Junior – Spring Competion 2012 (August – December)

14-Aug Trial 5.00pm Storm Cyclones 7-1
6.00pm Lightning Tornadoes 4-3
21-Aug Trial 5.00pm Cyclones Lightning 3-4
6.00pm Storm Tornadoes 4-3
28-Aug Trial 5.00pm Lightning Storm 2-1
6.00pm Tornadoes Cyclones 7-2
4-Sep Game 1/R1 5.00pm Cyclones Storm 1-7
6.00pm Tornadoes Lightning 4-3
Bye Whirl Winds
11-Sep Game 2/R1 5.00pm Lightning Cyclones 9-0
6.00pm Whirl Winds Tornadoes 1-9
Bye Storm
18-Sep Game 3/R1 5.00pm Whirl Winds Lightning 8-1
6.00pm Storm Tornadoes 4-4
Bye Cyclones
25-Sep School Holiday
2-Oct School Holiday
9-Oct Game 4/R1 5.00pm Storm Whirl Winds 4-1
6.00pm Tornadoes Cyclones 4-3
Bye Lightning
16-Oct Game 5/R1 5.00pm Cyclones Whirl Winds 5-1
6.00pm Lightning Storm 1-2
Bye Tornadoes
23-Oct Game 6/R2 5.00pm Storm Cyclones 6-2
6.00pm Lightning Tornadoes 7-2
Bye Whirl Winds
30-Oct Game 7/R2 5.00pm Lightning Cyclones 4-0
6.00pm Tornadoes Whirl Winds 7-2
Bye Storm
6-Nov Game 8/R2 5.00pm Lightning Whirl Winds 5-1
6.00pm Tornadoes Storm 3-7
Bye Cyclones
13-Nov Game 9/R2 5.00pm Whirl Winds Storm 1-6
6.00pm Cyclones Tornadoes 7-14
Bye Lightning
20-Nov Game 10/R2 5.00pm Whirl Winds Cyclones 6-1
6.00pm Storm Lightning 8-3
Bye Tornadoes
27-Nov Semi-Finals 5.00pm Storm (1st) Whirl Winds (4th) 1-1
6.00pm Tornadoes (2nd) Lightning (3rd) 2-4
4-Dec Finals 5.00pm-
Penalty Shoot-Out Comp
All players invited
Storm Lightning 3-4
6.45pm Presentation with
Pizza and drinks

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