Junior Floorball – 26 June

We are getting a great attendance each week at our Junior Games and the best thing tonight was the pizza enjoyed by everyone!

Again we were able to organise 3 games

Game 1 – Brown 3   v   Yellow 0

What a great fast game with plenty of action from all teams involved. Scorers tonight were Austin Jovanovic (2) and Blair Dawson (1)

Game 2 – Brown 0  v  Orange 0

Wow this was a tough well played game, with such great players the teams just couldn’t manage to get the ball past each other. Well done everyone and great teamwork!!

Game 3 – Yellow 1  v  Orange 0

Yet another tough game with only one goal scored throughout the game by Amberlee Dean (1) assisted by Sam Watson.

See you all on Tuesday 3rd July 6pm – 7pm and also on Tuesday 10th July 6pm – 7pm. Bring a friend with you during the holidays to join your team.

Your chocolate money is due back on Tuesday 3rd July



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