Week 15 – 12 June

Last night concluded the three rounds of this competition, the third competition organised by the Peninsula Floorball Club.

For several players, it was their first floorball competition and it is great to see the progress demonstrated by all. Comparing to our first competition, the level of play has improved dramatically. Games are faster, the passing accuracy is improving and playing strategies are forming. A big congratulations to everyone for making this competition possible.

The final rounds are about to start and undefeated Fighting Ibis are favourite to put their name on the trophee. But as seen in previous finals, every team is capable of playing well on the night to win.

Wishing all players to have fun and have great games played in the spririt of our social competition.

Scorer: Ryan White
Scorer: Renee Schembri, Josh Hope,
Daniel Sottaz,Yannick Sottaz
Fighting Ibis
Scorer: Mitch Fiddock(2), Dan Fiddock
James Archibald
You’re my boy blue
Scorer:Brock Pickering

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