Junior Floorball – 12 June

Again our Junior teams continue to grow with very exciting matches between 3 teams.

Game 1 – Colours 1 V Orange 0

In Game 1 the excitment was huge as Noah Jovanovic (1) hit the first goal of the night into the back of the net. Noah’s goal was assisted by Alec Morison who did a great pass! Well Done Team!

Game 2 – Colours 0 V Brown 1

In Game 2 Austin Jovanovic (1) scored the one and only un-assisted goal of the match, a very fast game indeed led to the Brown team being undefeated in this round

Game 3 – Orange 0 V Brown 1 V Colours 2

Well what great fun this game was with all teams on the rink battling against each other with some amazing results and fast action.

The Jovanovic brothers stayed strong in Game 3. Austin Jovanovic scoring (1) for the Brown team assisted by his team mate Blair Dawson and Noah Jovanovic (1) and Alec Morison (1) scored outright goals for the Colours team.


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