Junior Floorball – 26 June

We are getting a great attendance each week at our Junior Games and the best thing tonight was the pizza enjoyed by everyone!

Again we were able to organise 3 games

Game 1 – Brown 3   v   Yellow 0

What a great fast game with plenty of action from all teams involved. Scorers tonight were Austin Jovanovic (2) and Blair Dawson (1)

Game 2 – Brown 0  v  Orange 0

Wow this was a tough well played game, with such great players the teams just couldn’t manage to get the ball past each other. Well done everyone and great teamwork!!

Game 3 – Yellow 1  v  Orange 0

Yet another tough game with only one goal scored throughout the game by Amberlee Dean (1) assisted by Sam Watson.

See you all on Tuesday 3rd July 6pm – 7pm and also on Tuesday 10th July 6pm – 7pm. Bring a friend with you during the holidays to join your team.

Your chocolate money is due back on Tuesday 3rd July



Grand-Final Night Schedule – 26 June

All players, Juniors and Seniors are invited to join the Grand-Final night that will conclude our Autumn Competition.

The schedule for Tuesday 26 June has been structured to get everyone together and make the night enjoyable and fun.

6:00 – 6:45    Juniors games…followed by PIZZA for juniors players

6:45 – 7:00 Warm-up for players participating  in the grand-final

7:00 – 8:00 Grand-Final game: You’re my Boy Blue – Pythons

8:00 – 8:30  Presentation of Trophee and Awards….followed by PIZZA for all teams seniors players.

8:30 – 9:10  Fun Game with 2 teams of equal numbers made from players from Fighting Ibis, Patriots, Scorpions.

Hope you can make it, it should be a good evening.

Daniel Sottaz – Club President.

Semi-Final – 19 June

You’re my Boy Blue and Patriots played the first semi-final game of the night. Confirming their recent form, You’re my Boy Blue defeated Patriots 5-0 and confirmed a place in next week’s Grand-Final.

The second semi-final ended up with a big upset. Pythons defeated Fighting Ibis by 3-2. On the night Pythons played a more structured game with quick passing and better team play. Fighting Ibis on the other hand were not able to find their normal passing game that converted in many goals during this competition.

Wishing all players participating in the Grand-Final to have fun and have great games played in the spririt of our social competition.

You’re My Boy Blue
Scorer: Josh VanderNeut(3), Brock Pickering,
Tim O’Connor
Fighting Ibis
Scorer: Mitch Fiddock, Jeff Tomlin
Scorer: Jerome Sottaz, Daniel Sottaz,
Yannick Sottaz

Junior Floorball – 19 June

Game 1 – Orange 2  V Yellow 0

What a fast game this was with Noah Jovanovic being the goal scorer for the Orange Team, assisted by his team mate Bailey Winter

Game 2 – Brown 0  V  Orange 2

The orange team could not be defeated with Noah scoring 2 goals again in this round un-assisted

Game 3 – Yellow 0  V  Brown 1

Another fast round of excitement with Miguel Cullen-Green being the only goal scorer and the goal was assisted by Emma Brandham

Well done everyone, come along next week Tues 26th for a fun night followed by Pizza and the Seniors Grand Final stay and watch it will be exciting!!


Junior Floorball – 12 June

Again our Junior teams continue to grow with very exciting matches between 3 teams.

Game 1 – Colours 1 V Orange 0

In Game 1 the excitment was huge as Noah Jovanovic (1) hit the first goal of the night into the back of the net. Noah’s goal was assisted by Alec Morison who did a great pass! Well Done Team!

Game 2 – Colours 0 V Brown 1

In Game 2 Austin Jovanovic (1) scored the one and only un-assisted goal of the match, a very fast game indeed led to the Brown team being undefeated in this round

Game 3 – Orange 0 V Brown 1 V Colours 2

Well what great fun this game was with all teams on the rink battling against each other with some amazing results and fast action.

The Jovanovic brothers stayed strong in Game 3. Austin Jovanovic scoring (1) for the Brown team assisted by his team mate Blair Dawson and Noah Jovanovic (1) and Alec Morison (1) scored outright goals for the Colours team.

Week 15 – 12 June

Last night concluded the three rounds of this competition, the third competition organised by the Peninsula Floorball Club.

For several players, it was their first floorball competition and it is great to see the progress demonstrated by all. Comparing to our first competition, the level of play has improved dramatically. Games are faster, the passing accuracy is improving and playing strategies are forming. A big congratulations to everyone for making this competition possible.

The final rounds are about to start and undefeated Fighting Ibis are favourite to put their name on the trophee. But as seen in previous finals, every team is capable of playing well on the night to win.

Wishing all players to have fun and have great games played in the spririt of our social competition.

Scorer: Ryan White
Scorer: Renee Schembri, Josh Hope,
Daniel Sottaz,Yannick Sottaz
Fighting Ibis
Scorer: Mitch Fiddock(2), Dan Fiddock
James Archibald
You’re my boy blue
Scorer:Brock Pickering

Exhibition Match against Gong Scorpions – 2/3 June

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Last week-end, Peninsula Floorball Club welcomed a team from Wollongong, Gong Scorpions to play couple of exhibition games.

Saturday’s score line didn’t represent how closely fought the game was. The Scorpions were in front early with some quick ball movement and excellent finishing with Christian Gaudette spearheading the attack. Peninsula Thunder responded with Mitch Fiddock picking up a loose ball in front of goals and then, with some good work from the defensive pairs (Daniel Sottaz, Ryan White, Yannick Sottaz and Chris Lawerence) the Thunder never looked back,

Sunday’s game was even closer with the game going down to the wire and a save on the buzzer from Goal Tender, Jon Marks, sealing the win for the Peninsula.

After Sunday’s game both teams joined in a shootout which was won by the Peninsula 3-2. The Highlight being Sam, one of the Peninsula Junior’s, beating Elite series goal tender, Jon Marks, and putting the ball in the back of the net.

Saturday Game

Peninsula Thunder
Scorer: Nicholas Watterson (2), Tyler De Jager (2),
Mitch Fiddock (2), Loreen Konig-Hession,
Josh Hope, Daniel Sottaz, Chris Lawrence
Gong Scorpions
Scorer: Christian Gaudette (2), Andrew Clay,
Dale Garrett, Tim Christie

Sunday Game

Peninsula Thunder
Scorer: Yannick Sottaz (2), Josh Van Der Neut,
Chris Lawrence
Gong Scorpions
Scorer: Christian Gaudette, Andrew Clay,
Tim Christie

A big thank you to everyone who played and help organise the exhibition. The Games were played in a great competitive spirit and fun attitude and hopefully will become a more regular event between the two clubs.

Junior Floorball – 5 June

The Junior teams maintained their strong game performance last night. We are very excited to be building our Junior teams and our vision is to start a Junior competition as soon as possible. Teams for tonight were Colours 3 and Orange 0

Goal Scorer for the Colours team was Noah Jovanovic who scored 3 goals one on his own and the other two were assisted by Oliver Lee and Miguel Cullen-Green.

Well done everyone, don’t forget to tell your friends to come along so we can get the Junior comp underway.


Week 14 – 5 June

An other win for ‘You’re my boy blue’ team over Pythons has helped secure second position on the table.

Patriots played a great game against Fighting Ibis. At one point in time, they were leading 3-1 and for a moment, we thought that Fighting Ibis was going to face their first loss in this competition. But the Ibis fought back and scored two goals in the last period to equalise and avoid defeat. Noneless, one point for Patriots was enough to secure third spot on the table.

Next week will be the last game of normal competition. Semi finals scheduled on 19th June 2012.

Scorer: Renee Schembri, Daniel Sottaz
You’re my boy blue
Scorer:Brock Pickering(4), Amanda Bartrim
Fighting Ibis
Scorer: Chris Lawrence, Mitch Fiddock, Own Goal
Scorer: Ryan Doyle(2), Nic Watterson