Junior Floorball – 29 May

Again this is fantastic news for the Peninsula Floorball Club! We had 16 participants this week and we were able to divide the players into 3 teams, playing each other.

Black had 2 wins , Yellow 1 win and Orange 0 win.

Lots of excitement as one of our newest players Miguel Cullen-Green scored his first outright goal for the Black Vest team. The other goal was scored by Noah Jovanovic assisted by Adrian Pozo! Well done team.

On team Yellow lots of excitement from the crowd as Teagan Konig-Hession scored the one and only goal for her team! Well Done Teagan!

What a game and so much improvement each week. Don’t forget to tell your friend’s how much fun you are having and to come and join your team.

Check out the article about junior floorball on the Peninsula News



Week 13 – 29 May

You’re my boy blue continues to show good form winning convincingly 5-0 over Scorpions.

Once again, Patriots and Pythons played an intence game and ended up sharing the points with a final results of 2-2. The equaliser for Pythons was scored by Josh Hope with less than a minute to go.

You’re my boy blue
Scorer:Josh VanderNeut(3), Amanda Bartrim,
Brock Pickering
Scorer: Nic Watterson, Jason Hatt
Scorer: Daniel Sottaz, Josh Hope

Junior Floorball – 15 May

What a great night for our Junior Teams we had 3 teams of enthusiastic players and lots of new children came to join us. A total of 4 matches were held and the crowd was very excited when the goals were scored.

For the Black Vest team (2 goals)
Both of these goals were scored by Alec! Well Done!

For the Colours team (1 goal)
Our Goal Scorer for tonight was Bailey who came along for his first game. The goal was assisted by Noah.

Well done to the Goal Scorers and everyone else in the team! Don’t forget to ask a friend to come along on Tuesday nights 6pm at PLC to join your team.

Contact Tanya 0403 745 343 / Mitchell 0424 605 780 http://www.peninsulafloorball.org

Week 12 – 22 May

Scorpions could not break Fighting Ibis winning run, going down 4-1.

Patriots and You’re my boy Blue played a fast game where Josh scored 5 goals to give victory to his team. Three weeks to go before the final round and still all teams have a chance to reach the finals.

Scorer: Loreen Konig-Hession
Fighting Ibis
Scorer: Renee Barker, Daniel Fiddock, Tyler DeJager,
Jeff Tomlin
Scorer: Ryan Doyle(2), Jeff Blamey,
Ciaran Quinn
You’re my boy blue
Scorer: Josh VanderNeut(5)

Junior Floorball – 15 May

Wow! The Junior teams are really improving each week and they are having lots of fun too! We had 2 teams of players on Tuesday 15th May and their skills are great.

Yellow Team
Erin – 2 goals
Alec – 1 goal assited by Blair
Colours Team
Emma – 1 goal


Well done to the Goal Scorers and everyone else in the team! Don’t forget to ask a friend to come along on Tuesday nights to join your team.
Tanya Watson – Peninsula Floorball Club

Week 11 – 15 May

Fighting Ibis maintained their unbeaten run by convincingly beating Pythons 8-4. With a strong defence and the Fiddock brother being on top of the scoring table, Fighting Ibis looks like the favourite team to win this competition.

The other game between Patriots and Scorpions was a low score game. With their win, Patriots have re-gained second position.

Fighting Ibis
Scorer: Daniel Fiddock(4), John Jay(2), Tyler DeJager,
Scorer:Yannick Sottaz(3), Zac Schembri
Scorer: Nic Watterson, Ryan Doyle
Scorer: Alan Clay

AGM – 16 May 2012

Peninsula Floorball Club first Annual General Meeting will be held on 16 May 2012 at 7:30pm at the Umina Bowling Club.

The committee is inviting all club members to attend our first AGM.

AGM Agenda:

1. Attendance/Apologies
2. President Report (Daniel Sottaz)
3. Treasurer Report (Josh Van der Neut)
3. Election of the Secretary Position – Proposed Nomination: Ciaran Quinn

After the AGM, we will have a normal meeting to cover the following point.

1. Club Logo – acceptance final design.
2. Next Competition and mid-season Cup
3. Presentation of the new Australian FA Membership for social players (Alan Clay)
4. Participation to up-coming floorball Open
5. Fund raising

Junior Floorball – 8 May

Junior results from game played on Tues 8th May.

Color Team 4  –  Yellow Team 0

Madison – 2 goals  assisted by Sam
Austin – 1 goal        assisted by Blair
Tristan – 1 goal      assisted by Sam

Well done everyone on a great game!

Tanya Watson – Peninsula Floorball Club

Week 10 – 8 May

After 3 consecutive losses, Pythons won their encounters with Scorpions 5-3.

Fighting Ibis won their game against You’re my boy blue 6-4. With only 10 minutes to go, they were still loosing 3-4.

Scorer:Josh Hope(2), Gareth Watson,
Yannick Sottaz, Daniel Sottaz
Scorer: Alan Clay(3)
You’re my boy blue
Scorer: Brock Pickering(3), Barry Simpson
Fighting Ibis
Scorer: Jon Marks(2), John Jay(2), Jeff Tomlin,
James Archibald

Junior Floorball – 1st May

The juniors had a great game on Tuesday night 1st May and they are improving tremendously each week.

The score for this week was Color Team 4 – Yellow Team 4.

Goal scorers for Colours were:   Emma 2 goals   –   Blair 1 goal   –  Alec 1 goal

For the Yellow team there was one consistent scorer! Well done Noah scoring  4 goals.

The excitement amongst the players and the crowd was fantastic!

Well done everyone.
Tanya Watson