Week 8 / NSW Comp 11/12

Week 8 – 18th February – NSW Competition 2011/2012

The day started well with the mixed team winning their game which was played with good intensity and good sportsmanship. The team enjoyed a 2 goals lead before Glebe managed to equalised. In the last period we took the lead and maintained the advantage to the end. A good performance and a deserved result. Goals were scored by Damien Hansen(2) and Josh Brown.

The men’s elite team lost by a fair margin but the score did not reflect the way the game was played. We had many chances to score but the opposite team showed their experience in scoring most of the opportunities that presented to them. By the end of the second period the score was 5-0 their way. In the final period, our players started to tire and again Glebe took advantage of the situation. Goal scored by Yannick Sottaz.

Date Round Time Home Away Score
18.02.2012 2 14:15 Peninsula FC Glebe FC 1-10
2 09:45 Peninsula FC (mixed) Glebe Mixed FC 3-2

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