Week 5 / NSW Comp 11/12

Week 5 – 7 January – NSW Competition 2011/2012

Not such a good start for 2012. Both our Men’s team and Mixed team lost to Wollongong when realisticly, by playing as we did against stronger team would have resulted in a positive outcome. Hopefully an experience for the future.

The men’s team was winning 4-1 in the first half of the game and for some unknown reason lost their will to fight for the ball. Suddenly, Wollongong was winning all duels for the ball with painfull consequences. A hard lesson to learn. On the positive site, young Liam made a great contribution in his debut with couple of goals and one assist, well done.
Scorers were Yannick Sottaz(2), Liam Kendrick, Damien Hansen.

Our mixed team on the other hand was on the back foot from the start and not able to perform to the standard achieved in the past week. Our scorers were Damien Hansen, Liam Kendrick.

Date Round Time Home Away Score
7.1.2012 1 8:15 Wollongong Peninsula FC 5-4
7.1.2012 1 12:45 Wollongong Mixed Peninsula Mixed FC 4-2

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