Grand-Final – Summer Comp 2011

Congratulation to the players of You’re my boy Blue team for winning the Grand-Final game.

The Grand Final was played with great intensity with both teams, Fighting Ibis and You’re by Boy Blue, determined to become the winner of our second competition. You’re My boy blue took the lead in the first period with two goals scored by Josh VanderNeut. In the second period, Fighting Ibis reduced the gap with a goal from Chris Lawrence. Early in the third period, Josh VanderNeut scored his third goal on the night. Fighting Ibis gave their best to try to break their opponent defence but without success.

The game for third place between Patriots and Pythons resulted in a 4-4 all draw. It was an entertaining game with Pythons leading 3-1 after two periods. In the third period Patriots reversed the situation by scoring three goals and looked like winning the game. With 9 seconds left on the clock, Renee Schembri scored the equaliser. A fair result since no team deserved to loose on the night.

The committee thanks all players who participated in this competition and we look forward to see you again next year. We will resume on 17th January – 7pm for training with competition starting 14th February.

You’re my boy blue
Scorer: Josh VanderNeut(3)
Fighting Ibis
Scorer: Chris Lawrence
Scorer: Ciaran Quinn(3), Nic Watterson
Scorer: Yannick Sottaz, Zac Schembri,
Daniel Sottaz, Renee Schembri
1. You’re my boy blue
2. Fighting Ibis
3. Patriots and Pythons
4. Scorpions

One Response to Grand-Final – Summer Comp 2011

  1. Joshua Barry says:

    Thanks for a great season, all games were tough and competitive but we always play in good spirit.

    All the new player greatly improved over the season so I can see next season being just as tough.

    Thanks to Daniel for maintaining this website and for keeping us up to date with the competition results and also thanks to the referee’s who have made this competition possible.

    ~You my boy blue~

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