Rules to determine Highest Point Scorer of the competition

The following rules have been set to determine the Highest Point Scorer of the competition. They are intended to give all players the same opportunity. The rules have been agreed by all Team Captains.

1. One point is allocated for a goal. One point is allocated to the player assisting the goal. The referree will inform the sheet keeper which player scored and which player assisted the goal.

2. Only normal competition games will count in the tally of Highest Point Scorer.

3. Each players will accumulate points with the team they play on the night.

4. If a player fills in with an other team, points will count for the player against that team and not the team the player is registered with. Therefore a player can have more than one tally.

5. When a player fills in for an other team, only points for assists will be counted. Since goals are not counted for the game results, goals will not be counted for points.

6. At the end of every competiton, the Highest Point Scorer is declared by having the most point with the team they are registered to play with.

7. If two or more players have equal number of points, the Highest Point Scorer player shall be determine using the following rule.

       1) least amount of games played.
       2) most goals scored.

       If players still can not be differentiated, they shall be declared joint Highest Point Scorer.


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