Week 15 – 29 November

Third spot on the table has been confirmed in this last night of competition. With a win against Fighting Ibis, team You’re my boy blue as confirmed third spot and will face Patriots in the semi-final.
In the other game, Pythons had to settle with sharing the points with Scorpions after a 5 all draw. Pythons will face table leader Fighting Ibis in next week semi-finals.

Winners of the semi-finals will play the grand-final and the loosers will play for 3rd and 4th spot. Finals night will be on 13 December. Presentation of the trophee and medals will take place after the final game at the leisure centre.

Scorer: Ryan Craig(2), Alan Clay(2),
Donnie Maclurcan
Scorer: Yannick Sottaz(5)
Fighting Ibis
scorer: Dan Fiddock, Mitch Fiddock,
James Archibald
You’re my boy blue
Scorer: Josh VanderNeut(3), John Soddart(2)

Week 3 – NSW Comp 11/12

Week 3 – 26 November – NSW Competition 2011/2012

An other tough opponent and an other disappointing result for our mens elite team. This week we played Glebe FC, last year NSW Champions. But nothing to be ashamed of in this game as our team followed the coach game’s plan which resulted in scoring five goals against the team that reached this year Australian Floorball open semi-finals. Despite the loss, our coach, Daniel Clay, could not be any happier with the team’s performance. We are still learning but we are learning fast….Our scorers were Tim Christie(2), Josh VanderNeut, Mitch Fiddock, Yannick Sottaz.

Our mixed team did not have such a good day. Our defensive play was not good enough on the day and Glebe took advantage of any opportunities given to them close to goal. We know we can play better…and next round is the opportunity to demonstrate it. Our scorers were Roxane Behrens, Josh Brown(2), Andrew Clay.

Date Round Time Home Away Score
26.11.2011 1 14:15 Glebe FC Peninsula FC 8-5
1 09:45 Glebe Mixed FC Peninsula FC (mixed) 10-4

Week 14 – 22 November

The battle for first spot was won by Fighting Ibis taking the three points against Patriots. You’re my boy blue also regained third spot after winning a close game against Pythons. Next week is our last competition night before the semis and third and fourth position will be decided.

Scorer: Yannick Sottaz
You’re my boy blue
Scorer: Josh VanderNeut, Phil Batey
Scorer: Nic Watterson
Fighting Ibis
Scorer: Dan Fiddock(2), Tyler DeJager

Week 13 – 15 November

With their win over Pythons, Patriots have grabbed top spot on the ladder although with one game on hand. “You’re my boy blue” had a win and are closing the gap for third spot. Josh VanderNeut had a great night scoring five goals. Two more games before the semis. Looks like last two rounds will be important to secure the best possible position. All four teams can potentially make the finals…..good luck to everyone.

Scorer: Alan Clay(2), Ryan White(2)
You’re my boy blue
Scorer: Josh VanderNeut(5), Josh Brown
Scorer: Renee Schembri, Zac Schembri
Scorer: Em Blamey, Adam Marshall, Michael Stephens,
Nic Watterson

Week 2 – NSW Comp 11/12

Week 2 – 12 November – NSW Competition 2011/2012

This week, our men’s elite team played Newcastle, one of the strongest team of the competition. Their attacking line is made of fast and very experienced players. The game plan was to include Josh and Yannick in defence and use their speed to neutralise Newcastle’s forward line. All players worked very hard during the whole game and created good scoring opportunities on the counter attack. Despite the loss, a lot of positive has come out of this game, the main point being that we have a competitive team capable of challenging the best in the comp. Well done indeed. Our scorers were Josh Vanderneut (2), Andrew Clay and Lachlan Clay.

Our mixed team also faced the best mixed team, Vipers, which is the NSW female team. Three Vipers players have been selected to represent Australia in next year’s World Championship in Switzerland. Peninsula FC had a slow start, probably being surprised by the intensity of the opposition and conceded 3 goals in the first period. Second and third period saw Peninsula Mixed FC reacting well to the situation and closing the gap. Chances were there to equalise but could not be converted. Disappointing result but a good performance overall. Our scorers were Tim Christie and Yannick Sottaz.

Date Round Time Home Away Score
12.11.2011 1 15:45 Newcastle Peninsula FC 6-4
1 11:15 Vipers (mixed) Peninsula FC (mixed) 4-2

Week 12 – 8 November

Again a close encounter between Fighting Ibis and Pythons ending with a 3 all draw. Pythons were leading by one goal at the end of the second period. Fighting Ibis did not want to loose for the second week in a raw and digged deep to get their equaliser. Both team would be happy with sharing the points.
The second game was also a close game with Patriots winning by just one goal. Scorpions pushed hard in the last period for the equaliser but were not rewarded for their efforts.

Scorer: Renee Schembri(2), Yannick Sottaz
Fighting Ibis
Scorer: Mitch Fiddock(2), Chris Lawrence
Scorer: Alan Clay, Ryan White
Scorer: Nic Watterson(3)

week 11 – 1st November

Fighting Ibis suffered their first loss in this comp loosing 2-5 against Pythons. From the start, Pythons applied good pressure and quick passing to create good scoring opportunities. Fighting Ibis bounced back in the second period but the third period was controlled by Pythons.
In the second game, Patriots scored 4 over Scorpions 2 to collect the three points. The young players of the Scorpions continue to show improvements. Patriots, with their consistent performance, remain the main challenger for top spot.

Fighting Ibis
Scorer: Mitch Fiddock(2)
Scorer: Jim Beard(3), Yannick Sottaz(2)
Scorer: Nic Watterson(2), Ciaran Quinn, Adam Marschall
Scorer: Alan Clay, Ryan White